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Live 2-disc DVD/CD

Brand new for 2017, the debut Antimatter concert film 'Live Between The Earth & Clouds' in a 2-disc DVD/CD 6-panel digipack from Music In Stone, is now available from the official Antimatter store. €19.49 plus shipping.



Black Eyed Man

The Last Laugh


Uniformed & Black

Over Your Shoulder

Can Of Worms

Leaving Eden

Wide Awake In The Concrete Asylum

The Parade

Welcome To The Machine

Stillborn Empires

Filmed & recorded at De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Netherlands. Produced by Daniel Cardoso & Mick Moss. Release date 03/03/2017

Pre-order  from Antimatter Store

Two new singles

Two new Antimatter singles, 'Welcome To The Machine' & 'Too Late' were released physically & digitally on Sept 23rd 2016 via Mick Moss' record label Music In Stone.


'Welcome To The Machine', the progressive darkwave version of Pink Floyd's classic 1975 track, has been a fan-favourite since it was first performed last year and has since remained a staple of their live shows. This brand new studio recording features guest vocals from 'The Judas Table' vocalist Jenny O'Connor. Two B-Sides included are live versions of 'Killer' & 'Redemption' recorded at De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Netherlands. Produced by Daniel Cardoso & Mick Moss.

'Too Late', first released digitally in 2014, now finally sees a physical release. Coupled with a remastered version of Micks' intimate 2012 recording of INXS's 'By My Side' as well as an enhanced version of 'Landlocked' from a previously unreleased acoustic session.

Buy Digital from CD BABY                            Buy Physical from Antimatter Store

The Judas Table

The 6th Antimatter album 'The Judas Table' was released by Prophecy Productions on October 9th 2015. 'The Judas Table' is a concept album exploring the residual bad energy left in the psyche after falling in and out of a relationship with a toxic personality, and also examines the driving force behind betrayal, lies and manipulation ... 


Black Eyed Man



Stillborn Empires

Little Piggy


Can Of Worms


The Judas Table


Sleeping Pulse debut album

Sleeping Pulse is the new project from Antimatter's Mick Moss and Painted Black's Luis Fazendeiro. The debut album 'Under The Same Sky' was released by Prophecy Productions on October 31st 2014.

The albums concept explores sociopathic manipulation and career prostitution in order to achieve a goal, the disregard of other peoples emotions and lack of empathy by the sociopath, and the subsequent fallout as they flee the scene of the crime to find a new mark whilst leaving the victim to pick up the pieces. The albums title 'Under The Same Sky' refers to the sociopaths modus operandi of convincing the victim that they are as one, whilst simultaneously extracting anything of value from the unsuspecting 'soulmate'.

Listen to an exclusive 5 minute segment here ....

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