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Hodograph is a training center with a large number of branches, which offers the opportunity to study both online and in person, or combine both formats. Before the start of classes, students are tested and divided into three groups based on their existing knowledge and ambitions. In the classroom, the Flipped Classroom technique, which is popular in our time, is examd. Even before the lesson, the teacher sends the student all the necessary theory to study in the format of a lecture video. The student comes to class prepared, and the class is already discussing the material, working directly with the tasks of the exam, both the first and second parts. The methodology takes into account all innovations and contains only up-to-date theoretical information and practical base. The high results of the students prove its effectiveness - an average of +50 points. The curriculum is designed in such a way that

  • information processes and information;

  • information activity;

  • means of computer technologies.

The teaching staff consists exclusively of professionals in their field. Some teachers are real web developers who are able to explain on specific applications how to write code, create the right algorithm. And they also show the guys by their own example that the profession of a programmer is interesting and very promising, thereby motivating them to continue their education and work even harder.

First exam Center

The first exam center is the case when the word “first” in the title is not just a marketing ploy. The center existed even before the introduction of the Examination, it was then called the “Real Knowledge” center and also prepared students for entering universities. In Chicago, this center was the first to prepare for the passing of state exams of a new format, and proudly wears its title.

In the Examination Center, before the start of classes, as well as in the Hodograph, you will have to pass an entrance test and distribution to a knowledge group. Classes are held in groups of up to 8 people in modern computer classes. The curriculum includes topics such as:

  • Information and its coding

  • Simulation and computer experiment

  • Number systems

  • Logic and Algorithms

  • Elements of the theory of algorithms

  • Programming

  • Computer and network architecture

  • Numerical Information Processing

  • Information search and storage technologies

At the end of the study of each section, rehearsal trial exams are held on the original FIPI forms, in conditions as close as possible to the real exam. This allows students to learn how to allocate limited time to complete the maximum number of tasks and test their readiness for exams. Among the other advantages of studying at the exam Center, one can note the opportunity to receive additional free consultations if the student did not understand the course material or could not complete his homework.


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