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Recommendations of Experts on Writing a Dissertation on an Applied Profile

If you need to translate the text of the study into a foreign language, then you should not skimp on professionals. Far from always, even well-known scientists manage to competently and accurately translate material into another language, taking into account its features. It is important to preserve the meaning of the original source and follow the language rules.

The practical part must necessarily contain calculations, graphs and diagrams, drawings that will clearly show and prove how the author’s proposal will look like, why it is necessary, how effective his hypothesis is, etc.

Do not rush to include a maximum of complex, highly specialized concepts and terms in your work. Do not overload the dissertation with unnecessary complex turns. Use only those turns that are really necessary and allow you to describe, specify the phenomenon, process, etc.

Working on the content of the project

To improve the quality of the study, it is necessary to carefully analyze the available data. First, check the information for relevance, reliability and validity. Then double-check the practical part: the correctness of the calculations, the selection of the sample and its individual parameters, the results of the experiment (it is important that there are not even the slightest doubts and contradictions), etc.

How to improve the quality of the research?

The theory should emphasize the key aspects of the phenomenon under study, consider standard options for solving the problem, and emphasize the relevance of the topic. The practice is designed to solve the problem on the example of a specific object, taking into account its features and needs. Therefore, it is important to select the information base and work it out carefully.

Working on the text

Do not think that in the thesis no one pays attention to grammatical, spelling and other errors. The research of a candidate or doctor of science must be competent in everything: from the text to the result. Therefore, carefully reread the text, correct errors so as not to spoil the opinion of your competence and professionalism. What kind of expert or scientist is not able to use professionalisms correctly and write them correctly?

It is also important to believe that all the material is presented in a scientific style, there are no contradictions in it. In the applied direction, inaccuracies, mistakes and ornate phrases are simply unacceptable! The text should be readable, consistent, reasoned. Make sure all rules have been 100% followed. Be sure to follow the approved plan so that the dissertation is clearly structured.

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