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The state journal of vocational education shall take measures to develop vocational education in rural areas and support the development of vocational education in areas inhabited by minority nationalities as well as in poor and remote areas. The state shall take measures to help women receive vocational education, organize jobless persons to receive various sorts of vocational education and support the development of vocational education for the disabled.

Vocational education should be conducted in light of actual needs and be compatible with the state-established vocational categories and vocational grades, whereas the system of academic credentials, training certificates and professional qualification certificates shall be instituted. The state practices a system under which labourers write papers for money must receive vocational education before reporting to work or go to their posts. The state encourages and organizes the scientific research on vocational education. The state shall reward units and individuals with outstanding achievements in vocational education.

The administrative department in charge of education under the State Council shall take charge of the unified planning, overall coordination and macro-management on the work of vocational education. The administrative departments in charge of education, labour and other relevant departments under the State Council shall pay someone to write essay respectively take charge of the work concerning vocational education within the scope of their duties as stipulated by the State Council. Local people's governments at and above county level shall strengthen leadership, overall coordination, supervision, and assessment of the work of vocational education in their respective administrative areas.

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